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What is digital real estate within the metaverse?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Blog |

The metaverse allows a company to rebrand themselves easier in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The digital real estate within the metaverse may double and reach $1 billion. There’s a surge of interest in the metaverse but limited understanding of what it means. The new technology could have implications for society and the economy. Digital real estate creates a unique opportunity for the commercial real estate industry.

What is the metaverse?

There are many metaverses built on traditional off-chain and blockchains. The environment of the metaverse can interact with each other in a three-dimensional world. All digital real estate allows people to attend real-time events and buy online goods. Business and commercial law allows people to buy goods with cryptocurrencies within on-chain platforms. About 95% of virtual real estate sales are on The Sandbox or Decentraland.

How to buy digital real estate plots?

Every metaverse platform has many codes subdivided into a limited number of plots like latitudes and longitudes. When a buyer gets a plot, a non-fungible token records their information coded on the public blockchain. The unique code is an identifier for the buyer. The NFT is the acting deed associated with the typical real estate transaction.

Why should the commercial real estate industry take notice?

Owners of the metaverse can develop, lease, sell or use their digital real estate how they want. People can construct offices, lease property for events, operate storefronts and advertise billboards within the plots. Financing for digital real estate is beginning since demand and price of the metaverse are increasing. In January 2022, a company issued the first mortgage loans for digital real estate in the metaverse.

The largest digital estate transactions in the metaverse have been from crypto-based investment companies. Large players in traditional real estate markets have been paying attention to the metaverse landscape. J.P. Morgan Chase entered the metaverse by opening a lounge with a tiger and a portrait of Jamie Dimon. Advertising spending should rise as more consumers and businesses adopt the metaverse.