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Business And Commercial Law

Business and commercial interests are the fabric of the American economy. They too are the fabric of our firm.

At Berens & Miller, P.A., we assist some of the country’s largest and most successful businesses to manage their most difficult commercial disputes in the state of Minnesota and elsewhere.

Building Our Firm’s Business Practice By Building Business Relationships

We have built our practice by getting results for our clients, and becoming known, in the business community at large, as a firm that understands how to resolve these business disputes in a manner that makes sense from a business point of view as well as from a legal perspective. We understand there is often a difference between legal and business decisions and that the business perspective requires solutions that are not just effective, but also efficient. We thus encourage clients to pick their battles and focus on the long-term goals to be achieved, and whether those goals are best served by litigation. If litigation is the answer, we are focused and ready to try cases.

Our attorneys understand how to deliver cost-effective solutions because they have been delivering them to clients since 1989. Their seasoned business and legal judgment in these matters has helped executives and inside general counsel successfully make the necessary informed decisions even in the most high-stakes litigation matters.

Every business – from Fortune 500 companies to small, entrepreneurial startups – needs high-quality legal services. We have handled a wide array of such matters, disputes and internal investigations involving, among other concerns:

  • Contracts and business torts
  • Buyers and sellers
  • Suppliers and customers
  • Financing and investments
  • Shareholder and partner interests
  • Securities

Our work includes our representation of health care and insurance providers and even unions that represent the world’s most well-known athletes.

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