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Traditional Practice. Contemporary Approaches.

At Berens & Miller, P.A., we like to say that we deliver large-firm-style services in a small-firm setting. Our experienced team knows how to deliver the best of traditional legal representation combined with a contemporary commitment to lean, efficient strategies both in and out of the courtroom. We provide high-quality representation in a wide range of complex, commercial litigation matters. We also serve as outside general counsel for both profit and not-for-profit entities across a broad range of disciplines.

How can we do that?

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys bring with them their own large-firm legal experience as well as their prior business experience, having served as stockbrokers, business owners and executives, reinsurance brokers and insurance agents before attending law school. As a result, they understand the needs of executives and in-house corporate counsel of some of the largest corporations. They also bring a deep understanding of both procedural and substantive law, thus facilitating a full analysis of the matter and creative recommendations regarding its handling from the first instance.

Small Companies Trust Us As Outside General Counsel

As a result of our attorneys’ breadth of business and legal experience, our firm serves as outside general counsel to smaller companies as well as not-for-profit organizations. In this role, we advise these clients on an ongoing basis regarding areas as diverse as securities and insurance laws and compliance, antitrust matters, trademark law, all facets of employment law, maintenance of electronic and other types of business records, board and corporate governance, fiduciary and other duties, executive compensation and other benefits, and the prevention or prosecution of potential business tort or other claims.

This broad experience in advising clients to prevent or remedy legal issues also serves us well when we are retained to handle litigation matters for businesses or other entities.

Referring Attorneys And Clients Trust Us

Attorneys from the largest firms comfortably refer their clients to us when they are unable to represent those clients as a result of a conflict or some other reason. Those referring attorneys know that we understand how to take care of their clients and deliver the level of service and expertise that reflects well, not just on us, but on the referring law firms as well.

Another reason for our success in the courtroom and in the resolution of sophisticated commercial disputes is our understanding of the business world and our strong relationships with our clients. We have represented a wide range of sophisticated businesses seeking legal representation in Minnesota, whether in state or federal court or in arbitration proceedings. Our clients include Fortune 500 entities, small and midsized companies, professional players’ associations, health care and insurance providers, and others.

You may, in fact, have been referred to us by one of those long-term clients. We can assure you that we will treat you with the same level of service and skill that we provide to all of our clients, no matter how large or small they are.

You can learn more about our attorneys by reviewing their individual backgrounds and achievements provided in the biographies linked below.

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