Exemplifying The Best Of The Legal Profession

When A Courtroom Is Not The Answer

Not every dispute requires a courtroom. At Berens & Miller, P.A., we have decades of experience in resolving difficult disputes that sophisticated businesses and other entities rely upon with confidence. From across the country, executives and general counsel entrusted with the legal well-being of their businesses turn to us for help in resolving their most difficult legal problems in Minnesota.As a result, we understand when alternative dispute resolution options best serve our clients’ interests. Mediation and arbitration can often provide results that clients cannot gain by going to court. These results include savings in both time and money.

How Do We Know?

Since 1989, we have provided the high-end legal representation required by a wide variety of sophisticated corporate clients, including Fortune 500 entities, small and medium-sized businesses, unions for professional athletes, and providers of health care and insurance. Our successes in ADR cases involve a broad range of subject matters.

Ultimately, our approach stems from our commitment to you, the client. We have purposely maintained our firm at a size we believe optimal for handling the kinds of cases for which clients hire us. Many of our referrals, in fact, come from large firms that have either been conflicted out of a case or have recognized that our style of practice better suits their clients’ needs on a given matter.

What Can We Do For You?

We welcome inquiries from potential clients. Please contact us to schedule an initial consultation. You can call us at 612-349-6171 or you can reach us online.