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Preeminent Litigation Services

Berens & Miller, P.A., has established itself as a preeminent litigation option for many different types of organizations around the country by focusing first on its clients. Our firm understands the needs of general counsel and executives entrusted with the legal well-being of some of the country’s largest businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, health care and insurance providers, professional players’ union associations and more.

We have been building these relationships since 1989. Perhaps it is one of these long-time clients who has referred you to us in the first place.

Let Us Handle Your Business Disputes

Clients turn to us when they need highly visible trial and appellate representation in a wide variety of sophisticated disputes involving a broad range of business issues.

Additionally, we bring a unique record of success when it comes to Special Litigation Committee representation. Our firm has in fact made the Minnesota law in this area, thus demonstrating that we can advise your business successfully even when the law is unclear.

As a result of our command of litigation strategy, we are able to advise you intelligently regarding which particular approach would best serve your organization’s needs.

Whatever the type of dispute, our lawyers take pride in delivering the “bet the business” legal services provided by the large firms of yesteryear. Further, we take particular pride in doing so while eliminating the fat now commonly associated with those services. In that respect, we consider ourselves one of an emerging breed of law firms focused on delivering cost-effective client value.

Experienced Guidance For Your Business’s Most Difficult Legal Problems

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