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Real Estate Litigation

Berens & Miller, P.A., knows that land is about more than just land. It is about people.

For that reason, we excel at resolving real estate disputes. Our litigation team has helped deliver solutions to clients since 1989.

In the process, our experienced real estate attorneys have learned their way around any number of complex real estate matters. Our work on behalf of Fortune 500 companies and other sophisticated commercial enterprises means we know how to advise clients from around the country who need legal representation in Minnesota at either the state or federal level.

Small Firm. Big Cases.

Our experienced attorneys, because they have worked at large firms, understand how to deliver the quality of legal representation formerly associated only with large firms. In this sense, we consider ourselves one of a new breed of law firms, a firm that purposely focuses on the delivery of superior legal services by emphasizing the traditional relationship between an attorney and a client.

We successfully represent clients in a wide variety of real estate disputes. These disputes often concern, among other things:

  • Landowners
  • Regulatory matters
  • Condemnations
  • Real property valuation

Particularly where corporate clients are concerned, these real estate valuation matters may substantially impact the value of a business and even the way in which that business conducts its daily affairs. We work with a network of professional appraisers who understand the unique issues triggered in eminent domain proceedings, particularly when these proceedings involve the well-being of a corporate entity.

Depend On Berens & Miller, P.A., For Your Real Estate Litigation Needs

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