Exemplifying The Best Of The Legal Profession

Philosophy And Approach

We have spent more than a quarter of a century building the kind of firm that exemplifies the best of the legal profession. To do that, we strategically partner with some of the finest clients in need of legal representation in the state of Minnesota and beyond.

Our clients seek us out from across the country. Fortune 500 companies, professional players’ unions from America’s most popular sports, health care and insurance providers, and inside counsel and executives all regularly rely on us to lead their interests safely through litigation that is highly visible on both the local and national levels.

What Is Old Is New

We maintain this level of practice by adhering to a philosophy that is both new and traditional. It is new in that it focuses on delivering top-notch legal services without the waste often associated with the provision of those services. It is traditional in that, at the root of it all, is the critical relationship of trust between the attorney and the client. We work hard to service and achieve the desired results for our clients.

Our lawyers have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the judicial system. We count among our ranks former law clerks at both the federal and state levels. Our successes in the courtroom find their foundation in our relationships with our clients. In fact, you may be reading this because you have already been referred to us by one of those clients.

Like our other clients, you will appreciate the degree of personalized attention you receive from our attorneys in even the most complex corporate disputes. This level of attention means we can address your concerns in real time rather than making you wade through layers of associates and the other bureaucracy normally associated with high-stakes litigation firms.

Get To Know Us Today

We welcome inquiries from potential clients. Learn more about how our firm’s abilities may meet your needs by scheduling an initial consultation with us: 612-349-6171. Our firm can also be contacted online.