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Berens & Miller, P.A. is a law firm located in downtown Minneapolis that restricts its practice to civil litigation and resolution of disputes.  The firm focuses its practice on pretrial preparation, court trials or other adversary proceedings such as arbitrations and appeals. In addition, the firm represents parties in various types of regulatory proceedings and conducts internal investigations on behalf of clients such as corporations and directors’ committees, including special litigation committees.  

The firm’s history, outstanding litigation results and team of experienced attorneys have molded the practice to what it is today.  The attorneys of Berens & Miller are trusted, well known and respected among the courts and legal community and have successfully represented clients in a broad range of complex adversarial matters.  


Firm News

Berens & Miller secures victory for FDIC with U.S. District Court Decision over Jackson Walker

~April 2014 A Minnesota U.S. District Court judge on April 17, 2014 ordered Jackson Walker LLP, a Texas law firm, to return to the Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation the amount remaining ...



Colleen Hernandez, Homeownership Preservation Foundation, CEO -- In 2011, Berens & Miller began serving as our outside corporate counsel, providing us with advice in all of our employment, contract, real estate, ...

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